The final winery of my Pandemic Wine Tour was at Three Sticks in Sonoma.  I discovered them last Halloween as I was visiting Sonoma right after the Kincade fire.  Most wineries were just opening back up after not having power.  And, it was pretty easy to get into many without a reservation.  That wasn’t so much the case this trip!  But, Three Sticks and I found a time that worked for us both.


Three Sticks offers a few tasting options.  I’ve done the “Taste of Three Sticks” as well as a “Virtual Taste of Three Sticks” this summer.  I was anxious to check out the food pairings with El Dorado Kitchen.  One of these days while I’m there during the week around lunchtime with 3 other friends, I’ll do their Private Luncheon.  So, I “settled” on the Food & Wine Pairing with bites prepared by the El Dorado kitchen next door.


The Adobe is a gorgeous tasting facility.  I love going just to sit out on their patio or to take in their interior design inside the Adobe.  And one must always visit the restroom!  Their restroom must be the most photographed restroom in all of California.  Once you’ve seen it, you instantly recognize it in photos.  It’s a bit gaudy.  That wallpaper is loud.  But it’s pretty at the same time!


My wine educator poured all five of my wines with my food and left me to play and enjoy.  While that’s fun, it’s also lonely.  But, that’s not their fault!  Having experienced Three Sticks wines, they weren’t unfamiliar to me.  And I loved them all.  She asked if I wanted to try a few more member-only exclusives.  That would be nice, but I really wanted to try their newly released Castenada White and Castenada Red.  First, the bottles are cool.  Second, the wines are Rhone blends – different than the Chardonnay and Pinot their known for.  I’d picked up some of the Red last fall and took it with me to one of my Thanksgiving feasts.  I’d had their Rose over the summer during my virtual tasting.  But, in an effort to offset the Chardonnay and Pinot in my collection, I wanted these, too!  She was more than happy to pour me some samples.



The bites were a good size!  While I was at Lambert Bridge, Katie had warned me that I probably wouldn’t need dinner.  And, I made the “mistake” of swinging by El Molino Central for a couple of tacos on the way into Sonoma so I promptly canceled my dinner reservations that night.

Three Sticks is always one of the wineries that comes to mind when visiting.  The wines are all amazing.  Their winemaker is Ryan Prichard who also makes the wines over at Flambeaux.  The tasting facility is just peaceful and welcoming.  Who wouldn’t want to come hang out here?  I definitely recommend you put it on your list on your next visit!

I snapped a bunch of photos in and around the Adobe.  They were actually from my first visit – but that’s before I was blogging.  I keep going on and on about their facility that I can’t not show them to you!  So, if you’ve been there recently and these look slightly different – I’m not surprised.  I took them a year ago!






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