Rochioli is another winery that was not on my original list.  However, their name kept popping up that I decided they needed to be on the list.  I believe they source fruit to around six wineries.  I’ve been to or will visit five of the wineries.  Longboard is the only winery they sell fruit to that isn’t on my list.

I’ve driven by their winery countless times along the Westside Road.  I imagine I always thought they were open to the public so I didn’t consider them.  However, relatively recently they are now appointment only.  Since they meet both of my silly criteria for this series, I swapped them out with another winery that was really just “filler”.  I hope I’m not missing out on something amazing at that other winery.

The tasting was quite affordable, getting the tasting fee waived didn’t break the bank, but the selection of wines they offer you is relatively limited.  You see, for Rochioli’s Single Vineyard wines, there’s a five year waiting list!  And I hear it’s worth it.  In fact, someone lucky enough to have just gotten off of their wait list was in the tasting room picking up his very first allocation.  He was so excited.  It was adorable.

My Visit

Since I’m having fun trying to get through all of these locked gates at so many wineries, I got a kick out of the gate at Rochioli.  It wasn’t at the end of their driveway.  It was a walked gate at the start of the pathway leading up to the tasting room.  This girl couldn’t even figure out that gate.  There were two call buttons.  Sigh.  Of course it was the second button that worked.


Behind that gate and into their tasting room is a gorgeous view.  Maybe not quite as awesome as the view from Viader yesterday.  But, I wasn’t complaining.  While I was sitting there, we even watched Joe Rochioli putter on by in his car.


Since their Single Vineyard Wines are so desirable and limited, I tasted a flight of their Estate Wines – which are all super yummy.


Also, it doesn’t happen that often.  However, there was a sparkling line in the tasting.  They’ve only produced a few vintages of their sparkling.  It’s not even mentioned on their website.  But, I was lucky enough to try one – even though I’m not the biggest fan of bubbles.  It was their 2016 Blanc de Noir.  And they were only allowing folks to buy up to 3 bottles.  I wasn’t bad for someone who doesn’t appreciate sparkling wines.  But, I didn’t pick any up.  The only sparkling wine I’ve gotten was gifted to me on this trip.

Next was their 2019 Estate Sauvignon Blanc.  2019.  Brand new.  This is the first 2019 vintage wine I’ve had the opportunity to taste.  One of my allocations included a 2019 Rose of Pinot Noir from another winey.  But, I haven’t tasted it.  I really liked this Sauvignon Blanc.  I didn’t think it was as acidic as others I’ve tried.  And, it seems everyone these days greets you with a Sauvignon Blanc.  It’s kinda hard to impress me there.

Next up was their 2018 Estate Chardonnay which I really enjoyed.  It really makes me excited to see what they do with their Single Vineyard Series.  The 2018 Estate Pinot Noir was also lovely.  It didn’t necessarily stand out to me as something extra special.  I’ve had plenty of those recently.  But, without me ruining my palate on incredible wines every day, this is probably a great Pinot Noir!

Closing Thoughts

I’m so glad I popped in to learn more about the winery, their history, and their vineyards.  It was a relatively brief visit just at their tasting bar.  But all of the wines were super enjoyable!  I’d definitely recommend them!

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