Here I go again, I don’t remember how Littorai made my list.  But, I’m glad they did!  I may have been looking for Sebastapol-area wineries.  But, they checked my boxes:  Pinot Noir, appointment only, and I’d never been there.

It was a lovely drive out to their winery.  Getting through the gate is always fun!  I’ve made so many reservations that I forget which ones have given me a code, which ones automatically open if I drive up to the right spot, or those I need to call to get in.  I also really struggle getting back OUT of the gate.  It’s hilariously embarrassing sometimes requiring me to call for help (Williams-Selyem).  Littorai had apparently given me a code.  Lesson learned – if you’re doing something like this, put notes on your calendar so you’re not sitting at a locked gate desperately searching through emails like I am – at almost every winery!  The wineries give great instructions on getting to them.  I’ve never had a problem (except for Merus whose gate was actually broken) once I located the reservation confirmation email.

My Visit

Several times on this journey I’ve been grateful I was driving my lifted, modified, Jeep Wrangler over the bumpy, muddy, dirt roads.  So many people have commented on my Jeep at the various wineries.  It is NOT a road-trip friendly vehicle.  Despite what you might think, it does NOT have a lot of room for transporting wine (especially if I’ve removed the front roof panels and they’re in the back).  And, it is NOT a comfortable ride.  But, it sure is fun!  Littorai was one where I was grateful I had my Jeep.  It had a bumpy dirt lane that led back to the winery.


I reserved the Single Vineyard Tasting Experience skipping the vineyard tour.  The tasting was held right in their production facility.  We tasted through two Chardonnays which were really not my preferred style.  They had tons of acid and little oak.  If I was tasting these blind, I may have confused them with a Sauvignon Blanc.  My tasting host noted that after my thoughts on the first Chardonnay I was likely to not like the second.  He was right.  And that’s totally okay!  I’m no longer too shy to admit that I’m not a fan of the style.  There’s a wine for everyone.  And, you’re not likely going to find what is yours unless you taste through a bunch.

I was relieved to move onto Pinot Noir!  I was able to taste three of their 2017 vintage and then one 2013 library wine.  Sadly, I didn’t get to taste these side-by-side as that would have been fun.  The 2017 “The Return” and 2017 “Savoy” were both from the Anderson Valley.  I’m beginning to recognize the Savoy vineyard which he explained is one of the more famous Anderson Valley vineyards.  The 2017 “The Haven” and 2013 “Mays Canyon” were both Sonoma Coast Pinots.

As a parting gift, I was given a small sachet of lavender which grows on the property, they dry, and package.  So thoughtful!  Definitely a nice touch.

30 Wineries in 30 Days

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