Hirsch is another winery that I sought out.  They’re located way out in the Fort Ross Seaview AVA.  Although, they don’t like to admit that for some reason.  I do not understand why they don’t want to be associated with that sub-AVA.  They’re located right in the middle of it.  I even asked and still don’t understand.  My tasting host says they just want to be known for being Hirsch.  There are some great cult wines from that region.  Anyway, lucky for everyone, they have a tasting room in Healdsburg which is much more accessible than driving all of the way out to the coast.

In the past they’ve sold fruit to a handful of wineries.  But, they’re pulling back and only sharing their fruit with a few these days and focusing on producing their own wines.  Failla is still lucky enough to be the recipient of some Hirsch fruit.  And, I had the opportunity to try their Hirsch Pinot Noir a few weeks back.  Interestingly, I didn’t buy any.  Boy would I love to do a side-by-side comparison now.

My Visit

I arrived pretty early to my tasting – by almost 20 minutes.  They were expecting three more folks to join us who apparently got caught in traffic.  So it ended up being a one-on-one, private tasting.


We started off with their 2018 Hirsch Estate Chardonnay.  I thought it was a bit more acidic than I would prefer.  I do like my Chards full and creamy and only lightly acidic.  That’s more than I knew four weeks ago!  This girl has come a long way in this journey.  I didn’t dive into the snacks.  Maybe I should have.  This wine probably would have paired beautifully with food.

Interestingly, they only produce a Chardonnay because one of the wineries they provided fruit to in the past (Williams-Selyem) encouraged them to plant Chardonnay.  However, Williams-Selyem no longer sources fruit from Hirsch.

Then we moved into what I was here for – Pinot Noir!  First was their 2017 Bohan-Dillon Pinot Noir which is super easy drinking and yummy.  I fell over when I read the price is only $38 per bottle!  Their other Pinots were significantly higher – more than double.  She shared their 2016 East Ridge Estate and pulled out a 2015 San Andreas Fault that wasn’t on the list.  The East Ridge ended up being my favorite of their pinots.  We closed out the tasting with their 2015 Raschen Ridge.

Closing Thoughts

I had such a fun visit chatting with the tasting host whose name I’ve completely forgotten.  I really enjoyed an opportunity to taste more wine grown out along the coast.  I really enjoy the coastal wines these days.

The tasting contained no bells and whistles – and that’s fine!  The tasting room is small and intimate and perfect.  And, apparently if you catch someone working in the tasting room and they have availability, you might get the opportunity to walk in.  However, tastings are super easy to schedule.  And, I highly recommend putting them on your list if you enjoy coastal pinots!


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