With dining being limited to outdoor seating, I made sure to plan ahead for all of my dinners.  And I didn’t want to miss a single favorite restaurant on this trip!  My first dinner of the trip was at Diavola in Geyserville.

I thought I discovered them in January while looking for Italian food.  But, a friend assures me they provided catering at a winery during a Dry Creek Passport weekend.  And that friend knows his food and restaurants so I will trust his memory over mine!  On that trip I fell in love with their Beef Cheek Ragu.  Or it was some sort of cheek ragu.  They’ve clearly changed up the menu since January and February because the dish wasn’t exactly as I remembered – but it was still super yummy.

Anyway, let me back up.  I was SO glad I’d made a reservation.  Another party walked in at the same time and were turned away.  Whew!  Though, I did feel guilty that I’m a single diner versus their family.  The restaurant would have made more off of the family.  But, I tried my best to order lots of food and wine and tip VERY well everywhere I go.  It’s not their fault I’m dining alone.


They have the most adorable patio setup I’ve ever seen!  Oh my goodness.  It appeared they had sectioned off outdoor “rooms” off of a “hallway” with laundry strung up to dry overhead!  I practically squealed when I saw their decor.  It was so welcoming with tons of attention to detail.  You must visit!


I was seated in the very last room.  I already knew what I wanted as an entree – that ragu dish.  But, I hadn’t eaten in over twelve hours (BIG mistake considering I tasted through three wineries) so I wanted a starter of some sort.  I was wearing a white shirt.  I’m conscious that I will spill food on and stain any white shirt.  Therefore I tend to steer clear of anything that might drip.  But, I just could not see anything past their Pasta Fazool.  I envisioned a small cup of soup that would be the perfect starting portion.  But, maybe I should have looked at the price tag which suggested it would probably be something more substantial.  And it was.  And it was the star of my dinner.  Oh my goodness it was yummy.  And I was eating most of it.  And getting full.  And I’d already ordered my entree and dessert.  I was in trouble!


For my entree I ordered the Spaghettini w Pork Cheek Ragu.  It was tasty.  I ate all of the meat and some of the pasta.  However, my bowl still looked completely full when they took it away.  And I knew my hotel did not have a microwave.  Sigh.


Then came dessert.  Oh goodness.  The menu stated that it should be requested with dinner because of prep time.  I chose their Warm Italian Apple Cake.  And when it came, I knew I’d eat about 2 bites.  Luckily, I could take that home and eat it cold.  In fact, I just finished eating it while typing up this post.


Towards the end of the dinner I realized I’ve been eating a lot of “tasting menus” throughout the pandemic when I dine out.  I treated this meal like a tasting menu.  And maybe that would have worked if I had been sharing the dishes.  I have zero regrets.  It was all amazing.  I wish I had time to visit them again on this trip and try some of the other items on the menu.  You’ll just have to do it for me.


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